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Revolution, Old Skooooooooool


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Please please embed them for me, thats the only was ill be able to watch em!

And i love old school more than anything!!!


Youtube Video ->
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For those that still want to buy it.

Best trials video to date. I always prefered this over Evolve. Mainly 'cause of JJ's section.

This is the first time I have ever watched revolution - not a patch on evolve but its sooo interesting to see how leech and lenosky had progressed...

and also how the filming style had evolved !! mahaha


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I remember getting an early copy of Evolve from Reed (A great, great guy) when it came out and hyping it somewhat in MBUK. When he came over for Bike 2001 Evolve FLEW off the Chilli stand, they had to restock several times which took them by suprise, and they sold about 50% more copies in three days than they had in about 8 months in the States. I'm gutted Reed never rereleased them on DVD properly, but I've got a feeling parts of them pop up on Manifesto...

I'm off to rummage through my old school trials DVDs :)

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Love you Dave! I have the VHS cardboard cover from my original copy of Revolution, I think I got it when it came out along with my neighbor who I rode with when I first started riding. Have no clue where the actual tape is though... have a feeling I gave it to this dope-head who I used to work with in the Raleigh Cycle Centre in Guildford, he wanted to get into Trials, shortly after I left the shop though - he never gave it back as far as I can think. But yeah, tempted to buy another copy lol!

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