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Hi lads

Decided to chuck a vid together: Download link (Servers a bit slow but hopefully it will download ok)

Me and Ross have had a tough time of injuries / bike breakages and riding a lot of downhill / freeride over the last year but finally starting to get back on track on the trials front. I had loads of clips kicking around so I thought why not :D

Track is Slipknot - Duality (one of their more mellow tracks lol), riders are ross tucker - grey leeson 660, glynn - monty, me - black leeson 660.

Hopefully now the bikes and the bodies seem to be holding out we should get some much bigger stuff on the go with some nice innovative stuff and much more of Glynn. I know alot of people are gonna say why the f!*%* are they still riding the old steel leesons, we'l never change love the bikes too much so much fun to ride imho. :D

Comments welcome

Cheers all

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Cheers for the comments, bit suprised to be honest i thought we might get shot down in flames for the old skool ridin / bikes

When i said the track was one of their more mellow tracks i meant compared to most of their other stuff! i appreciate its not exactly jacky johnson :D

If anyone wants to see some more of the epic natural riding spots were lucky enough to have on our doorstep check out the photos on the website.


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It really is easy to forget how f**king good you guys are. Sweet vid.

Am gonna have to get in touch with you lot when I get down to Falmouth in the summer. (Y)


was just thinking the same mate, be rude not to ride some of those spots! looks awesome.

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