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Whats This Site Worth?


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$14242.3 work out at around £7,231.61


We'll have to wait for Tom and Danny but actually i'm not sure it would be. Things like that go on traffic to tell you figures like that, cos traffic shows you how much you can charge for advertising. But in reality small trials companies don't really have the funds to pay for big advertising so it's not realistic. I'm not sure though, maybe if Tom and Danny wen''t really full bore on the adverts it could be, correct me if i'm coompletely wrong haha.

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Can i have the 61p please?

how come yahoos worth more than google? i go on google like 20 times a day, and havent been on yahoo for about 3 years..

What about pootube?


Pootube is only $803,000,000USD.

Not bad ;o


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