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Kiki's Gu Tp 08


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Hi thats my new GU TP 2008

Big thanks to Dan from trials-uk for the parts.

Bike rides mint also its best bike i've ever riden.

Some Specs:

Frame: GU TP 08

Fork: Echo urbans v-brake 08

Brakes: Front and Rear Avid ultimates Vees

Brake Pads: Plazms CRVs

Brake Levers: Avid sd7 f/r

Rims: Rear Viz Fluo Pink / Front Echo Fluo Pink

Hubs: Rear Cris King black cog / Front Echo nondisc 08

Stem: Echo 130/15

Headset: Chris King pink 07 edition

BB: Echo external

Cranks: Adamant black with black Echo Bashring

Bar: Zoo! 07

Spokes: DT alpine III front and rear

Chain Tensioner: Tensile 08

Grips: Velo Grey

Pedals: Vp silver

Tyres: Tryall Sticky front/rear

Tubes: Continental

White VIZ Rim Tapes

Gearing: 18:15

Both rims grinded.






New Video soon. Comments welcome. Cheers.

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Yes i take some more links to prevent chain skipping anyway everything works corectly also it help me to save some weight :D hehe . Tensioner seems perfect it works constant in every situation. My previous tensioner which is 74 king don't tension as good as Tensile. My chain was skipping sometimes. Actually i have no problems with drivetrain tension. So if anyone have problems with chain skipping i recomend Tensile tensioner :)

According to silver fork in my bike. Maybe black one will be fit better but i wanna make somme different color combination among black&pink bikes. :D

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