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I am sat in a lesson which i cannot get on with as the teacher has not got time to mark the work!!! I can't continue the lesson until she has marked it!!! So initiative here we have her for another lesson, but she merges them soo much and her marking is f**ked up so i have no idea where i am with that..... ask her for some help? This is so an so lesson i have no time for that?!! I wanna punch her in the ovaries i swear!! Rich for her not to mix the lessons now!!

Anyone else fustrated at college/school?

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College frustrated me so so much, was studying a 2year BTEC national diploma in business and have left now after completing first year.

Was 2 and a half days a week and the work was just too easy. So glad i've left, going to college as the shittest choice i made!

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We have a business studys teacher... well i call him a teacher... this year he's talked about

- how he got caught having an affair

- all the jobs he did in the past

- all the job inverviews

- how much he loves chelsea

- its taken him 2 hours to print off 1 document once... i got bored so did it for him in 2 seconds.... involved pressing the print button

- All the hotels hes ever worked at

- All about his wife living in london

- his daughters shoe collection

- how his son got in trouble with loan sharks

- how someone once broke his finger

anything BUT business and had that exam today as well....... 3 hours of business fun... damm

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