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Newish Bike For 2008


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Sorry for the sucky pictures.... my camera is from 1996 haha :D

Going to get some new ones soon.... :)

SUPERMUCH thanx to ADAM and tha crew on <3 tartybikes!! <3

Well... here she is:





Full spec:

Frame set:

Frame: Dob magnesium 26" White

Fork: White V!z Curved blade


Bottombracket: Viz isis

Cranks: Try-All ISIS 165mm Silver

Pedals: Echo Magnesium

Chain: KMC kool K710

Freewheel: Try-all 108.9 18t

Bashring: Try-All Symetrik

Sprocket: TrialTech 16T Screw On


Hub: Try-All 'H' 116mm 32hole 116mm

Rim: Try-All (fluo pink)

Nipples: Halo Alloy (Blue)

Spokes: Sapim Race (Black)

Tyre: Schwalbe Big Betty


Hub: Try-All 'H' 100 Disc

Rim: Try-All 28hole (fluo pink)

Nipples: Halo Alloy (Blue)

Spokes: Sapim Race (Black)

Tyre: Try-All


Headset: FSA Orbit Equipe

Stem: Trialtech Sport Forged (silver)

Bar: Try-All Rage Bar (white)

Grips: Try-All foam


Rotor: 180mm Mono Trial Rotor

Lever: Hope mono

Rearbrake: Magura HS33

TOTALWEIGHT: 9.1kg - 9.2kg

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