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Gu Hub Bearings, Gone Bad!


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well basically my hub bearings in the front of my gu hub are grinding away and falling out as this happned to anyone else as i brought this hub so nothing would go wrong but obviously not!

by the way have ordred new bearings if anyone was wondering about my topic no for sale lol

also it doesnt run as smooth it like jolts?

comments please and advice :)

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Yeah same thing happened to my Echo hub.

It's just that Deng doesn't put some great bearings and they break faster than normal bearings. Just change them it is easy and the bearings are standard(unlike the Chris King ones for instance).

Good luck ;)

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O right so do i just order my bearings of trials uk as thats the only ones i can seem to find which look like mine haha,

im going to be a bit embarissed tommorow as i am going to be riding with a shitter bmx wheel lmao!

do i need to order the Sealed Cartridge bearings (6000Series)

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