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Demotivator Competition.


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(I couldn't belive what it said when i read it.)






There is no prize. Just glory.

EDIT: (I'll explain again, don't think i did a too good for a job the first time. You take my picture ^ up there, and use the demotivator maker on that link to make one. Person who comes up with the best caption wins. The picture is of a "sorry we missed you" slip. The parcel was left in the blue recycling bin, which in turn is probably now in the back of a garbage truck)

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Onzaboymark™ would like it to be known that the entire Onzaboymark™ corporation (up to and including OBMEnterprises™, OBMedicines™ and OnzaBoyEntertainments™) can not wait to see the high level of innovative, original, diverse and humourous results that this thread will surely bring.

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Way to ruin stuff guys.

Stop making the internet worse, if you have really funny ideas draw them or something, just don't put them on the internet.

I do believe you are the one making the internet worse <_<

we are the ones up for a laugh!

So if you have nothing good to say, dont say it!

And this thread is supposed to be funny!

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The idea is you use my picture, and that site (which you can use to make your own demotivator) and combine the two to come up with a demotivator.

Edited first post. :)

Edited by JT!
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