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mitchell matheson vid 1


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How old is he?

He's tiny...

Looking good though.

Tell him to lose the airmax trainers and I'll like him even more :P

haha mate that a cracker loose the air max's :lol:. He just turned 13 a couple of months ago but he is small for his age :giggle:. He has fairly improved over the past 2-3 months improved like mad right out of the blue :turned:

Craig :)

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Twas a good vid, that!

He has good balance,

And looks to be in control of the bike!



yeah that is our mitchell that is :lol: probably because when he started trials for the first few month all he done was seen how long he could balance on the bike :giggle:

thanks for all the comments guys i am sure he will be pleased but please keep them coming in (Y)

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Pretty good, I didn't think he was that good after seeing him the other day :P He will be good when he gets older. Keep it up wee dude (Y)

yeah mitchell is weird that way one day he will be riding not so good and the next day he will be riding amazing it is weird :S haha wee dude he aint that small same age as me :P

Craig :)

yeh he's quite good but he has no real power with the bike (Y)


yeah i think that is probably because the bike is bigger than him :giggle: no bu he does have the bike in control.

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