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Have You Got Any Idols In Trials?


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Martyn Ashton & Martin Hawyes.

Basically because I'm just getting back into riding after 7 years off and they were the gurus when I used to ride.

Even bought a copy of Chainspotting, next on the list is Tricks & Stunts.

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Im not even gonna' say him cause will cause shit, so i'll say my next top 4.

In order:

Rich Pearson

Max T



Damon W? Has to be mine for TGS stuff, he sidehopped some sloping wall in sheffield that must have been 5 foot tall.

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Ben Leacock

Chris Akrigg

Danny Holroyd

In that order :D Leacock because he basically introduced me to trials and for that i love him (*wipes tear*).

Chris Akrigg because absolutly(sp) any bike he rides he rides it stupidly good and with amazing style. You just have to watch his breakless video to see how stupidly good and inventive he is. And i was quite suprised his name didnt come up in any other posts before.

Danny Holroyd because he was i think the first trials video i watched he always uset to have a segmant in the old MBUK dvd's and i saw him do a demo at Filthy48 one year and it blew me away. I liked his demo so much that i bought a 24seven Holroyd the other day :D

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I would have to say my idols in trials are:

All the guys i ride with in hull there an awsome group of people and i learn so much from them.

And pro's and say ryan leech, jeff lenosky and all the evolve crew and the two martins.

Because i started trials after i saw evolve and tricks and stunts 1 and 2.

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