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When You Think Old School What Do You Think ?


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Well this is about as old school as you can get:

Blackspire bashguards

Raceline maguras

Azonic risers

Short hardtail frames(mine was a Kona Muni Mula)

Short stems

FSA powerpro cranks

So tempted to buky up my Hawzie giant with some Azonic risers and a short stem!


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Home made bashrings.

Tar/coke on your rim.

50mm CNC stems.

Tioga DH tyres with the side knobbles cut off to clear your 11" £99 'Ultimate Hardware' dual slalom frame.

Breaking an LX freehub every few weeks.

DCDs (with Union Jack if you were lucky!).

Full kevlar-covered seats in yellow or red.

Oh the fun we had...

Edit: Will edit as/when I think of more :D

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Old school, for me anyway, is Giant Team Trials, Raleigh special Ti frames, Pace RC-250Ts, Pashleys in blue with union jack sticker sets, profiles and matching white and green team kit. It's blue pashley top tube pads. It's adapted normal bikes with Maguras, bashrings, and really quite shocking freehubs. It's getting a blue bike with yellow stickers because 'it's a bit like Martyn Ashton's bike'. It's lusting after a purple Zaskar. It's orginal Magura discs and people using odd components because there's nothing proper for trials out there. It's Robin Coope bashrings and Threshold boosters. It's shipping stuff from Goatwheels, and making stuff yourself because you can't buy what you want. It's Saracen X-Torts with USE forks, or Taboos. It's having a seat - either normal or weird, expensive Megamo thing. It's Mavic 121 rims, or Sun Rhyno Lites with S U N R I M S spelt out between the spoke holes because 'it's a bit like Martyn Ashton's bike.'

It's about finding the best parts for the job, and ending up with a bike looking a bit weird. It's about MBUK being a third trials content, and Akrigg, the Martins and Eddie Tongue being treated like rock stars by fans who have queued for an hour or more and have filled the seating round the trials arena at The Bike Show. It's about trials riders being stars, and people getting their autographs.

It's about finding stuff out the hard way, making the best of what you've got, and having a whole lot of fun while waiting for the latest Trials King video to download at 5Kb a second...

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Could go on forever.

FSA Powerpros with a DMR Ringthing,

Azonic ORS stems with Double wall risers

Planet-x BMF rims

looking at 10 second clips on biketrials.com all day

brisa mini seats with a seatpost so you could put them up to ride distances

Shimano freehubs that skip every time you kick

having a gripshift on the other side of your brake lever so you didnt accidently change gear

reading Martyns masterlcass and the next day putting your seat down on your cheap falcon and trying to learn to bunnyhop

watching getta grip thinking "wow I wish I could do that"

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It's one thing that makes me genuinely sad about the current trials scene, is that a lot of new riders don't know just how good they've got it. We used to order parts from all over the world because we had to. People would come back from the Worlds with new gloves, sprays or shoes you just couldn't get in the UK. People would trawl through shops trying some really naff components because they could see they might work well. You had to understand what you needed, and how you needed it to work in order to find something that would work well. Now you just buy a Zoo! whatever and you're set.

We used to scour magazines for a few words or a photo about trials. If there was a whole article, you practically framed it! I think I still have an article in MBi about Libor Karas, this funny Czech bloke who could just do the most amazing things.

Now if something happens, users come on here demanding photos and videos as though it's expected. If someone posted a video before, it was a real treat.

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Nobody's mentioned red Michelin tyres yet - Everyone seemed to be using them back in the day - some still are if you look at the 'Trials Lessons' DVD. They were fantastic XC tyres too come to think of it :)... Of course there wasn't much difference between trials and XC when I started - I used the same bike for both too since I could only afford one bike.

Back then nobody could wheelie and if you could lift the back wheel off the ground without clipless pedals you ran the risk of being branded a witch :).

... And did I mention it was freaking awesome :D!!!

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Nobody's mentioned red Michelin tyres yet - Everyone seemed to be using them back in the day - some still are if you look at the 'Trials Lessons' DVD.

Nah, red Michelins arn't old school, they came in with the introduction of Koxx in about 2002 I think. Real old school is Tioga DHs, IRC El Gato/Missiles and Monty/Echo tyres.

Maybe I shoud do a wrist band for the old school trials riders with WWMAD?

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Dave's Chain Device or DCDs... There's one on my old Specialized in the 'Toast to Old Friends' topic in Bike Pics

Originally shiney, then painted, Union Jack ones for sponsored riders and never fit properly on square chainstays!

Also Kore did one which was rubbish, and Ging did a copy too which pivoted with a jockey wheel instead of a roller.

In case you haven't seen it, old school bikes here: http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index....howtopic=121538

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I think there's a clear internet hieracy to being oldschool. See how far down this list you joined...

MTB-Trials mailing list or photocopied Essex Club Newsletters (No points for both, I'm looking at you Paul Thomson and Tim Ellingham!)

Yahoo! Modandstocktrialsriders


Trials Kings



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