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Please Help-need A New Back Rim!


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So i broken my dob back rim, and i need a new one :)

I need strong rim, because i will make square holes in this rim, so..what you can reccomend for me?

Maybe monty kamel back rim?...how good are monty rims?...or maybe try all...please help me ! :blink:


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Emm i dont have picture now..

..3 weeks...and broken in natural trial..not street!..and I am smooth rider..

..yea..i had square holes in that dob rim <_<

Thats why it broke then because you squared the holes. Squares create stress points in the corners and can lead to cracks, why do you think manufacturers have never made rims with square holes. People square the holes to make the rim lighter, you took a stupidly light rim which didnt need lightening and arnt super strong due to being light and just weakened it. If your wanting to shed weight you should be changeing other parts to get rid of the weight not making super light rims weak. Or if your doing it just because it looks cool then your stupid.

Anyway if you want a super tuff rim echo rims are the strongest around but are heavyish. Tryall or trialtech are fairly light weight rims and will take a bashing but not as strong as echo.

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