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Glue On Tyres

El Hincho

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Can I still get glue on road tyres in Essex? Getting my old bike (20 year) resurrected and I gave just received an SMS (I'm currently in Sweden) from my mate who tells me the guy doing the service said that they no longer make the glue on variety and that I would probably have to buy new wheels. Has time wheezed passed me and left me in a technology void or have I been misinformed. Any ideas or suggestion are most welcome.

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Hey dude,

Think you may have got 'trials' a bit confused :P

This is biketrials, we try to get from a to b without putting a foot down, you may be after time-trials?

As for the question, i'm pretty sure you can get hold of them. I have a lotus sport 110 in my garage, run tubs on that (think that's the type, my heads a mess at the moment). Just look around, and if it comes to it, have a browse of the internet and order some!

Take care,


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