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Hi lads,

got into a little bit of trials about 12 or 15 years ago, back then it was basically bmx's with bigger tyres and small front sprockets for us, anyway, didnt stick with it and went back to the motorised noisy variety.

I've been looking at pics for the last while and the bikes and skills have come on huge amounts so an interested again (albeit a little older too)

Any advice on what I should be looking at ? I'm not looking to spend big money, defo something secondhand, was thinking along the lines of an onza T-pro or the like, am I right in saying hydraulic brakes are a must ??? I've been messing around on bmx's for years and competed in motorbike trials and motocross for about 20 years now so I'm not a complete beginner.

Any advice ???



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A t-pro is just fine. Hydro brakes aren't completely necessary, some say cable vee brakes and cable disc brakes are better! Its your opinion though. The latest T-pro comes with vee brakes.

If you were to spend up to, say, £300, you might find a deng (echo, zoo!, GU, Adamant, Czar) bike knocking around for cheap.

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Something like a T-Pro would be a good starter bike, as for hydraulic rim brakes others believe them to be better than V's but the again others prefer hydraulic discs or mechanical discs, it all really comes down to what you prefer to ride really, street or natural, look on ebay for some good cheap starter bikes and when validated look in the classifides of this forum.

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Hydro is better than cable, hands down. I've tried both and I would never go back to cable/mechanical brakes. Never ever ever

I run a front v-brake and Ithink that they are much better than hydro and, I am going to be getting a rear v-brake as soon as I have a spare bit of cash. It is down to what you feel comfortable with so I would find someone that you are freinds with and has hydro and then someone who has cable, then have a go and see which you think feel the best to you.

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