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Are Onza T-birds Any Good


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I brought one brand new and to be honest mate it was actually really shocking. My riding improved hardly at all on it. It was only untill I started changing alot of parts on it that it impressed me. Just watch out for the cranks if they are the standard T-Bird cranks, cause I bent mine and the rear hub isnt all that good quality. Aswell as this they are a very short bike which makes them very unsteady on the back wheel which I found pritty rubbish to learn with. Unless you intend on spending alot of money I wouldnt buy it unless its already a very good spec.

Cheers, Jake

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i was just wondering if a onza t-bird is any good as ive seen one on ebay for 250quid in good con and has orite kit on and was just wondering if its worth gettin

They are good starter bike thats what i stared out with and got a good spec on it and then sold it and now i bought another it is a imense first bike but £250 sound a bit high priced i got mine pretty much new for £50 quid but if you think its a good deal get one they are great starter bikes hope i have helped.

Danny :D

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Not for £250

Bought mine for 170, used it for about 3weeks before swapping about 80% of the parts lol.

Now i ride a DOB.

Much better.

T-birds have weird geo and are hard to gap on i think :/

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I have an onza t-bird 2008

I payed £180 for it but.... all the other models that i could find maybe cheaper but they had all been well used. The one that i bought hasnt been used much, it had no scratches on it or anything. The lad who had it before me said that he had only riden it three times. so with this in mind i was willing to pay a little bit more as what i was goin to.

£250 is alot to spend on on though you could get alot better model for that sort of money.

It was my first trials bike as i have only just started out and i think that i have improved alot on it in the few month's that i have had it. i would recomend it but not for "250.

If i was you i would buy a better model or buy a t-bird for alot less than the £250 mark and spend the rest of your money upgrading the spec.

Hope that helped

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