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Best Moments And Worst Moments Of Trials

Rob Feeley!

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Hi just wondering what is your best moments in trials maybe lerning to front hop,side hop ect. And what is your worst moments of trials like bad fall offs ect, My best is probably when i lernt to front hop :lol: , And i dont really have a bad moment its all good. Please write in.

Danny :D

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Best moment is when i found this forum, i have met some realy amazing people and got to no new things.

Wors moment is my bail yesterday i tryed gapping from a curb and my brake slipped just as i was about to gap, this made me fly over the handle bars and my bike dent go any were lol

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Best Moment - Definately today when i did my first proper FRONT HOP ! :D

Worst Moment - Don't really hae one yet lol


Yes you do, it just may not be that bad...

Best feeling so far... Getting a decent roll over. I did a curb (still getting the technique) the other day and I landed totally feeling trials like. My bike sailed smoothly underneath me and when I landed on the curb the bike was in front of me and I was all hangin my ass off the back of my bike. The feeling was cool. Also, there was a larger curb that had a somewhat steep incline right after the lip of it, I rolled up it and locked my brakes (I see the progressiveness of disk brakes now) but kinda lost balance. The point was I made it up and I couldnt do that a couple days ago. Good feeling.

Worst moment so far was the shin dig I got a little over a month ago... still healing. Almost done but still healing.

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worst- face planting and spending 4 hours in a+e to only let them say u can go home, not even a stitch on me lol

best- building up the bt ninja 365 and all the riders around me didnt no what i had cos it was a secret lol

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My best moment was the easter fun trial!

I met a lot of new people from around britain and

it was a real good atmosphere!

worst moment in trials must be slitting my shins open

to the bone haha, been to hosptal a few times because of it!

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Best moment has to be when you're having a good day and everything just goes well...good times!

Worst moment is the frequent occasions you're at the top of a large drop/gap and just as you kick the pedals to go, the bloody chain snaps/slips sending you over the bars...bad times!

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