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Updated Pics Of My Yaabaa 1499


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Hey all,

Just a few updated pics of my bike from today. Weight is now 10.08kg, wanna get it under 10...!




They don't call me The Tart for nothing :Plol



Closeup of bashring fitting (same as on Ali's bike)


If anyone wants to know the changes from the last set of pics just let me know.



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Sweet bike Adam! I'm in awe of the subtle colour scheming, those Try-All-ized brakes work well with the rest of the bike. How are those bars doing? Is the geo similar to the Rage bars? Must weigh very little! What's really curious is how exactly does that bashring fit on? Ali had that on his bike too from what I recall.

Happy New Year everyone!

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No doubt Dominique's suggestion ;)

Interesting how they chose to have massive stickers on their bars saying "NO WARRANTY"? Seems a bit weird, but there we are. Would I be right in thinking the "1499" is the price of the bike, that also happens to double as the name?

Looks sweet either way, no doubt it rides pretty nicely too...

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