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Sam Oliver

Sam Oliver

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Thought it was about time i got myself a website sorted,

Totally DIY & not brilliant but most of the key points are there blushing.gif

Constructive critism very welcome as I am a total beginner!

Not totally finished yet, need to load Photo's etc but thought we would go live smile.gif

Cheer's Sam. <A href="http://www.samoliver.co.uk/intro.php" target=_blank>http://www.samoliver.co.uk

PS: Just added a little guest book page "Guestbook"

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Looks pretty good! As said, resize your images! Instead of sizing them in the code, get yourself an image resizer and then re-upload them. I got one called 'VSO Image Resizer' which is good. Just right click - resize with VSO... - then choose which sizr you want and you're done.

That'd make the whole site load a lot faster!

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Hi, nice little website there Sam just have to do some little changes like watch for capital I's as you have a mistake in your news but over all I really like it and cant wait for the picture section to be uploaded. Hope to see you riding soon.

Are you diong tyke trials computions?


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websites looking good mate.. no need to say about your riding

can remember the first day i met you..

and people were taking the piss about the amount of protection on ur bike..

the nooobs..

deffo gona have to mee up sumtime

as this year im realy wanting to compete again

and someone to have a laff and practis with for doing the same thing/things

currently looking out for another sponsor like monty or koxx again.. to get back intop the compettin times again :)

not gona get sponsored with street riding.. need results again


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