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New To Trials And Presented With An Interesting Choice..


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Hi all.

I am a newbie to trials myself. My friends have been riding for at least a few years now and always tempted me to start. Up until now I could fight the urge. Not anymore though.

The past week I have been riding about on a friends' zona zip with a quickly built rear maggie no front brake. On the first ride the fluid in the cable froze and it has now start to leak. :- After having a play about with a different friends' stock ashton (i'm not sure which frame, I think its an older one) I am pretty sure that I want to ride a stock. This being due to myself being of a stocky build at a reasonable height.

I wont lie, i'm not picking up a lot real fast but i'm having some good clean fun. The interesting thing is I still can not figure which foot to put forward. I am a completely right handed/footed person. The only thing I have chosen my left side for is archery where it turns out my stronger eye is my left. The thing is when I ride the mod I can only really do anything right with my left foot. Yet on the stock it seems to be a mix of left and right that I am more comfortable using depending on what I am doing.

Has anyone else found themselves in a peculiar situation like this? Any advice anyone?

On a side note anyone reckon an onza t rex would be a decent starter bike?

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OR... learn everything 'both footed' and you'll reap the benifits of being able to ride with whichever foot suits the situation.

Being able to ride either foot is a huge advantage, allowing you to adapt to turning/sidehopping/different length run ups, with ease.

However you'll probably find one foot dominates at some point :P would be interesting to know whether you are goofy or regular on a skateboard/snowboard etc.

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If you're lucky enough to be able to chose, go right. Then if you ever run discs, you'll never hit them on sidehops!

Although then you'd just mash whatever chain tension device you run...

Hmm..you can't win really. :huh:

I'm right handed, left foot forward, kick a ball with my right, etc. I don't think it matters if you're left handed or not, it's all down to what feels best.

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Cheers guys. I wasn't expected so many replies so quick!

@shamus: Come to think of it. When I used to skate, I kicked with my right foot...always!

@craigjames: I like the sound of that, i think i'm gonna get a mate to do that to me. Then afterwards i'll do it to him without warning! See what happens! Could see some interesting results. :lol:

@trisandhisbt: You made me laugh mate, although I gotta say from the point I am at currently experience-wise. It seems as though people like Benito Ros must be suspended from bloody fish wire or something!

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