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Forks With V-brake Mounts For 24"


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i am looking for a fork (be it steel or aluminium) with vee mounts for 24" wheels

i don't really want to pay more than 60 quid

options i thought of:

1. order from marino a fork (i am ordering a frame anyways). i think is really strong and looks good as well LINK drawback - it's quite heavy, about 1200g

2. buying a used pashley fork and weld some v-mounts on it. weight - 1000g. drawback - don't really like the ballerina looks of it + it's a bit of a hassle


what would you suggest i'd go for?

thanks for the input!


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See if you can pick up some of the old Ashtons with the 24/26" mounts - Essentially Fattys with the extra mounts, I've run a few pairs on various bikes with no issues and only good things to say about them - Itook a grinder to the 26" mounts mind. Come to think of it, I think that Base made a copy for a while too

Inspired/Trialtech forks should be about at some point I'd have thought?

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i'll try to find the ashton forks but chances don't look good ( searched on this forum and on ebay and no luck )

maybe this is a solution? (+ a 4-bolt fork, obviously)

edit: maybe not.. this is for some specific frame, not for hs33s

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i have some ashton forks... will have a look for em tomorrow - if i find em will sell em for a reasonable price.

i also have some pashley forks with v mounts welded at 24" length - also for sale if u want them.

goodie! waiting to hear from you..

(any idea what's the weight on the ashton ones? are they alu or steel?)

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