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Tristan Packham - Video 1


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Yeah, must agree with you :( The copy of the vid i was sent wasn't HD quality but it was far from what it was on here :(

Well done, riding looks good, especially considering how long you've been riding ;)

Well done (Y);)

yeah but its alot better if people wana take a good look il send them it.

thanks adam :D you know i love you :D:P

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Was the camera man pissed?

Riding looks alright if you've not been riding long but seeing the same tricks on the same obstacle 20times wasn't so great ;)

And I agree with what Joe said, work on your control (Y)

thanks mate yeah i cant realy do much else im learning to sidehop atm but thanks and yeah ive been working on my control lately


for all comments

tris x

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