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Use Back Rim For A Front Wheel?

Trials D

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I was just wondering if i used my old back rim and built it up to be a front wheel would that be alright...

Or would there be some complication? . My forks are big enough to take the rim...if that helps ! (Y)

...I just didn't want to throw away money.. thanks ! :giggle:

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The front of your bike would feel so much heavier than with a front rim and tyre on, it's probably not worth doing if you ask me.

About 450g*, which isn't actually an awful not if your not concerned about weight, i wouldn't notice it.

Although if it bothers you that much just cut out the iner wall of your rim, assuming it's a double wall rim or cut some nobbles of your tyres :P

*Based on running Echo tyres and Try-all rims.

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It would feel and look amazing.

If you run front disk deffently do it and post pics. If you run a magura, I very much doubt your break will space out far enough not to rub. Maby If you had ultra worn out pads you could do it...

You might have to think about raising your bars too.

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Like has been said running a rear rim on the front is perfectly fine, especialy if you have a 26inch as if it were a mod you would end up adding a great deal of weight to the front of the bike as you would have to run a much larger tyre. What rim is it you are thinking of running?

There were a few american riders who ran rear 19inch rims and tyres on the front of thier mods, always looked strange to have such a big setup on the front of the bike, must have been good when you needed some bounce/stability on the front wheel, but like has been said it would weigh alot more.


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There's an American (possibly Canadian) website which sold complete deng bikes with 19" front wheel setups. They reckon they were awsome for when you need lots of front wheel grip, and they looked pretty cool too.

Imagine the bounce when you're tapping or whatever...

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I fits a 26" rim that means your going to need some 26" forks, which would completley mess the ryd of the bike up. To be honest i think its probably too much hassle for what it's worth. I would just buy a new front 20" rim and fit that.

Adam (Y)

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