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Trials is like 98% populated by men

explain this


Advertising isn't always about putting something forward that one would want to have sex with in order to establish appeal. Sometimes it's also about putting forward something one would like to be or possess (aside from sex). I'm sure certain individuals like the idea of possessing certain qualities that are contained in these photos. Often men want a tanned and toned body, they like the idea of being a winner and being physically strong. Of course, we all understand and reason that we aren't getting those things by buying the associated koxx products, but this approach works regardless of that fact - on some at least - because it operates through feelings toward, rather than understanding about. Each time we look at the koxx products, we don't only see a frame, we also 'see' (or feel) that we are also being offered that which has been associated with it. If this weren't true then sponsorship would be pointless.

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