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see if you can find some saracen mad forks strong light and most of all cheap

everyone seems to have a set in the shed or garage as a spare set just in case

put up a wanted topic im sure someone will offer you some

also check out ebay onza forks alwasy seem to come up cheap....

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hey thanks, do they saracen forks have disk mounts??? I will put a wanted topic up once im a proper member but for now ill check out ebay as you say! Problem is all my mates have stopped riding we're 23 and they don't have parts lying around anymore... so its a matter of finding new riders i suppose.

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mad forks are nice, i had a set on my bt lovly to run vee on and disk, i got some toxsin forks if you like, just sittin in my room doing nout

(message to the modarators, this wasn't ment to be a buy/wanted topic, sorry if it seemed that way).

Yeh i would like em!

Do you have any pics or an alternative contact??

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I am after a set of new trials forks, they must be light, durable and most of all cheap! preferably with diskbrake attachments. Any ideas on a good set as my current ones are stainless steel and rusting where a scratch came!

heyy m8 the only things that i can suggets is either onza standards like they come with t-comp n stuff they have lasted me 2 years n still going and also maybe echo forks thayre a little bit more expensive but they are very good and durable

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