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I Need Some Advice On My Stem

Duncy H

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Right, when I started trials I didnt know much and i just bought some bars and a new stem thinking they would be better.

However, lately i cant help notice that it feels rather uncomfortable when on the back wheel. I would if need be change the stem but not the bars as they were more expensive :P

Oh yeh and I am 5foot 6 .

Bars:Echo urban flat

Stem:Try all oversized



Please fire away with your advice.

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I'd personally get a Monty pr/ti stem for thats setup and some riser bars and then loose the spacers, that setup looks ridiculously high.

Yeh but i havnt got enought money for a complete new setup you see.

What about just changing the stem?

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It'd be a start, see if you can swap your bar and stem for something lower.

I really dont wanna swap the whole lot but what stem would you reccomend to suit the bars and then possibly later some risers?(but more to fit flats)

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It could just be those bars, I used to have some shaped liked that and hated them! Try getting rid of that spacer, and get some nice riser bars, old zoo bars if you can find some, or TrialTech ones!

As Adam said too, Monty PR stems and so nice! But it depends on if you like a low front end or not. I have a Zona Zip, which is a very long mod frame, and the low Monty stem feels brilliant on it. Feels more stable on the back wheel and better for sidehops etc.

They're only £15 too, might aswell try it!

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