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1st Generation Ipod Touch, With A Speaker?


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So, quite recently they brought out the new Ipod touch, the main difference is that it has a speaker (and that they knocked £30 of the price) and I was wondering is there a little speaker that I can plug into the bottom of my 1st Generation Ipod so that I can play music:

Small & Light, so im able to hold the Ipod as it plays music

Runs off the Ipod (doesnt require battries)

Pretty loud

Looks good.


So, does anyone know where I can find such a speaker. Or does anyone actually understand what im going on about?

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I see what your on about, and i'm guessing someone will have made one. Don't see why not considering loadsa companies have made speakers for mp3 players which come out the headphone jacks. Would just need to be a smaller plastic speaker and have the jack coming straight from it rather than on a cable. I reckon they'll all have 1 or 2 AA batteries in em though.

EDIT: I figured when i posted that you had actually bothered searching. But the first result on google (for 'attachable ipod speaker') brings up this That the kinda thing your on about?

Also see: this and this

None of them, however, will sound good. For £30 and that size that's an impossibility. Probably be similiar to a decent phone speaker playing music,

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