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Random Items Listed On My Ebay Account

Sam Nichols

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Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and also wondering if anyone can offer some advice!

Basically last night the following item was listed on my Ebay account.. Light Pull Cord.

Now I have eliminated most possibilities; My pc does not have a keylogger, I never click on the links in emails to do with paypal/ebay so i havent been spoofed, my parents dont have access to my ebay account and dont even know how to use ebay etc

So I was completely confused by this. First thing I did was change my password and cancel the item.

Now today I log in at about 7:30am and notice a few things..

1) The light bulb cord has been relisted.. wtf?

2) This has been listed also.. French Franc

The really confusing part is that it doesnt appear that someone is trying to commit fraud because the payment for the items goes straight to my paypal, which has a different password.. and also the items arte very low cost. They dont appear to be using my account to buy items and have them shipped off without payment.

The other thing is how are they getting onto my account without my password?

Whats going on? :S:(

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I once had the same problem and you need to ensure your hotmail password is different from your ebay one.

It's probably the same as what happened to mine.

Phishing scam. You probably clicked onto an picture/description of a product on ebay that led to a link. This linked page has exactly the same layout as ebay's sign in page and asks you to enter you username and passowrd again. If you entered it this is how they got your password.

Change your password and it should be back to normal.

This might be completely wrong but it's wat happened to me.

GTG for a driving lesson....

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