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Rage Bar 09


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I realise no ones had a long time (if any yet) to play with the new rage bars but how did you find the old ones? are they strong cause i'm sure i've heard of a few sets dying? would i be better getting trial techs? i'm not a weight saving whore and i prefer strength.

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If they're anything like the old rage bars then they'll be nothing like TrialTechs, my TrialTechs seem kinda half way between Monty TIs/Rages and the newer Deng risers.

Yep, that's about right. I'd recommend TT bars due to their width but it all depends on your preference. Both bars are very good.

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trialtech bars are amazing, and thats NOT a biased opinion, i propa bum mine! feel perfect, stiffer then a dead corpse in freezer too

and if they withstand him that looks like your not guna be worrying about strenth (no affence damon :)) i like my try alls really risey but ive not got wide shoulders so they feel perfect, when other people have a go on my bike they complain about the width being too narrow. so personally the new rage bar sounds perfect for alot of people, and well strength its a competition part at the end of the day so dont expect it to last forever... IMO buy the trials tech bars.

i think i confused my self abit there :S

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