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I thought it would be good to have a thread where people can talk about where they're going to uni and what they're doing. This way they can get info from locals about what the place is like, and possibly find out who's going to the same uni. Maybe there might even be people on the same course already doing it!

Anyway, I'm hoping to do Multimedia at degree level, I've chosen Nottingham Trent, Sheffield Hallam, DeMontford and Leeds Met unis for where to go. I wanted to stay somewhere reasonably close, with the exception of leeds, which would be nice as it would be like going home (only after a looooooong time away) lol.

How about you?

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3 different subjects: Media Studies @ Brighton, Winchester and Bath Spa. Interactive Media Production @ Bournemouth. Video and Broadcasting @ Portsmouth.

Still waiting on my B'Mouth offer, but I've got the rest. Top 3 are Brighton, Bournemouth and Portsmouth. Put the other's down just to fill space really. The grades are achievable with the highest being 280 (Brighton), so i should get in. Can't wait, i hate A level.


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All my applications are for business, with maths, or finance or summink! Applyed to

Portsmoth - CCC - offered

Bristol - ABB

Surrey - ABB (But the A has to be in maths which I'm not predicted)

Hertfordshire - 280 points offered

and Oxford Brokes which i almost certainly won't go to.

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(1st Choice) Web Information Systems and Services.


Computer Aided Engineering + Design.

Mechanical + Automotive Engineering

Mechanical + Computer Aided Design.

Not even had my UCAS pack through yet. :(

All at Sheffield Hallam.

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Applying for Maths at -






so far only had offers from loughborough and portsmouth. But bristol and Bath have both emailed me letting me know about sports scholarships and grants and stuff so at least i know theyve seen my personal statement.

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London college of music (piano performance) London city (music) Brunel (composition) oxford brookes (music) and Glasgow (masters in music).

get in...is the london college of music the same place as the royal college of music? cos that's right next door to me...

be good to get some new riders in london...!!

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Photography at:


Nottingham Trent

Bournemouth Arts Institure


Manchester Met

Got interviews at Notts and Portsmouth so far, don't apply to brighton till a later date and waiting to hear from the others.

Dave, which Bournemouth did you apply to? Arts Institute at Bournemouth yer? Cos i originally applied to the main Bournemouth and the photography of that is actually at some random shit campus in Salisbury (pretty much nowhere near haha). And AIB has a better rep aswell so i switched sharpish.

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