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Non Trials. 24seven.


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24seven slacker ss

marzochhi DJ3's

24seven fluro orange hubs with black rims and spokes

maxxis holy rollers 2.4

Avid BB5 front brake with shimano XTR lever

Magura HS33 rear brake padless currently

charge saddle, 2 inch seatpost

king headset

Dmr wingbars with orange Blank grips

24seven bmx stem

24seven bmx cranks euro BB 28t blank bmx chainring

24 seven y-frame pedals

planned changes.

Primo hollowbites

Black grips, wish i hadn't bought orange ones.

Pads for the rear magura, wuite important i think!

cable ties for the spaghetti.





Hate me if you wish.

Bold are new additions

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Really nice. I love the orange hubs.

Last picture is awesome! :)

onza fork bike stand.

I do like the last one, been doing some more arty shots, so if you want some pimp pics of your new bike bring it to me:).

Free high quality printing as your obviosuly getting mates rates.

I do like the hubs

needs a few more changes then i'll be 100% happy.

Pedals, maybe rims and would like a pair of better brakes.

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You're such a f**king knob!

Why am i Ben just because i have the money to buy a bike just because of the hubs, your the knob.

Children, save it for the angry thread.

Its riding much better now, although the hubs are acctually very very good.

took them apart to service them, took me whole of 10 minutes.

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