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Windows 2000 + Ipod = ?


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Few Q's for those with ipods...

A friend rang me yesterday saying his new Ipod (normal one, not a touch or anything) wouldn't work on his computer - he tried to install iTunes obviously it needed XP or newer to complete the installation, he's currently running Windows 2000 - he could upgrade to XP but he's leaving the country very soon so its not worth pissing about with.

I recommended a third party application, vPod, although he had zero computer knowledge so I said I'd have a look for him tomorrow afternoon.

Now, things I want to know are will vPod work with the newer iPods, if 'maybe' can you recommened another decent application other than iTunes?

He tells me that the iPod is displaying as a mass storage device when plugged in so its picking it up ok by the sounds of it.

Never worked with iPods before so anything I need to know beforehand - from what I hear they sound like a f**king nightmare.

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Thanks Tomm, should have looked in the obvious places first but his house is a bit of a trek so I wanted to be certain.

However, he also tells me that he has a message saying that his iPod requires iTunes version 8 or later, as I understand it 8 is the newest version?

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