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What Folks On 24"?

matt slegg

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Just bought a 24" inspired frame and i love it but i need some advice on what folks to run. Does the length make much difference, im looking at 400mm or 410? I like the echo controls but they are hard to find and i like meta`s, can anyone help please? I only like curved, i dont want them to be to heavy and i want to run a 180 disc. Thanks

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Theres plenty of folk on here, but i think you'd be better off enquiring about forks ;)

The extra length will lift your front end up a bit and effectively your bottom bracket height as well. The actual difference isn't going to be too much though and if you've only just bought the 24" i'd say pick the strongest/best looking forks and be done with it as until you've gotten used to the bike intimately or have a bit more knowledge on how your parts affect the way it rides you won't notice and certainly won't be able to tell one from the other without doing a direct comparison.

If your wanting curved forks you need to look at the amount of rake though as length and rake coincide with each other to give the overall geometry when fitted to your frame. Still this isn't a big deal however so i'd still be inclined to say just buy the ones you like or ones that will last longest and then your sorted.

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