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Try All Rims Paint Coming Off

skinny paul

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Well if it's the paint that's coming off the sidewalls it's because try-all rims are sprayed whereas echo rims are anodised and so paint doesn't come off.

Yes it does?

All rims will do over time, Depends on the pads. My mate dan (onzat-bird396) runs echo's on his Gu with Heatsink Snowies.

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Surely the fact that there is a brake pad hammering down at it and rubbing away at the rim would be more than enough or a nudge for you to use a bit of logic to work out why the finish could be mysteriously wearing down ?

Im not on about the paint wearing down,i mean that sections of paint stick to the pads it not a problem, i was just curious if any one else has this problem? :rolleyes:

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