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I know I've asked this before a long time ago but I still haven't managed to push myself that extra bit higher! I can back wheel I think 9 bricks when I'm in the mood but I can't get any higher and I hate to bunny hop on a mod. Please share techniques, I can't be the only person with this problem. I hope.

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i'll try my best?!?!?

1bad peddle facing up...2start peddling ina low wheelie, kinnda crouched, with your arse just over the back wheel...3as you peddle keep your arse kinda close the frame (not too close cos you won't be able to get the bounce you need, knees at bout 45 degrees)....4as you good foot comes into the same pointy up possition, stamp on your good peddle and jumpup...5your hips are at the bars and your sholders well over the bars...6bend you knees as much as you can and bring the bars up and forward.

the feeling to get any hight feels like your nearly flipping the bike....so do so a couple of times. pull a high wheelie, stand tall, cover the back brake and see how far back you can go before the bike flips.

the possition you are before the bike flips is when you need to do no6.

try it on small stuff and just chuck youself as high as you can.

you can't get better practice then just strait bunny hopping over stuff.

hope it helps/my bad if it don't!

EDIT:one thing i will add 4-6 needs to done quite quickly/aggresively!!!!

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