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Rear Tube ?


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I was the king of punctures. now i religiously run dual ply/ really thick sidewalls along with a paneracer super DH tube (think i got it at CRC.)

Now I havent punctured for as long as i remember.

This means that I no longer worry about punctures and can, instead, enjoy the ride, which is what its all about.

But yeah stop being a basher if you can help it. Also when you are at a happy PSI, wang another couple in for safe gaurding!

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i used to get like 6 in one day lol, i just used to put my bike down and itll get a punture, then i changed my tube to a halfords, upgraded rim tape to ducktape lol and now i get like one a month :D

Well Halfords innertubes are just your standard rebranded "Cheng-Shin" tube, placebo effect you've got there.

Or your spokes cause a lot of punctures.

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well a heavy duty tube could be the way to go but even bashers get punctures with them i should know.

so itsteads of fixing tubes all the time and using heavy duty i thought its time you change my technique and be smooth! took my time but now i use a shit tube and hardly get puntures.

so a change in technique would take a while but is uch better in the long run.

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I've been told an interesting tip. There are two variations on how you could fit it in, but both works the same.

1. Take an old tube, cut away the valve section. So it's like a long rubber tube now.

Line this tube onto the inside of the tyre. Then fit the new tube in.


2. Take an old tube, cut away the valve section. Then make a slit along the entire tube.

Wrap it over the new tube, and fit it in the tyre.

I haven't tried it yet, but I figure that option 2 would give sidewall protection than option 1. It should work like a downhill tube, as you're "increasing" the thickness of the tube.

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