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Should I Spend £160 On Photo Prints?


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Got my 1st interview on wednesday, so i mentioned to a friend of my mums that i needed to get 20 photos printed a3, he reminded me that he works for a printing company, and he would do them, i asked him if they they will be top notch, he said yes, so a day later he brings them round.

there shit.

utter piss, my 20pound printer is better, so i say yer there great, Cos he seemed really happy with them :S, so now its to late to get my prints done by mail order, (Which would be cheap as chips) i have to go somewhere tmoz and get them done while i wait, but itll cost £120.

These are for my portfolio to get in to university, and any photographer knows how much a bad print can ruin your pictures...

shud i use the naffy prints, and explain what happend, or take the plunge and spend £120

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To be honest dave, if you seriously need to ask about spending big money on prints for your portfolio, you should probably turn in your badge and flashguns.

I no exactly what i have to do, i just thort maybe someone could justify the latter :(

*Goes up stairs to grab bank card*

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A3, christ! Fair enough if that's what you decided but to be fair it's not gonna be that much better than some really high quality A4 prints? Don't put TOO much stuff in either, just a array of photos to show different skills/techniques.

Also for future reference, do not get your prints done anywhere else apart from here : theprintspace

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Try printspace.

There a top class professional outfit in london. link here for PRINTSPACE

Went to visit them in the first year with uni, such an awesome setup. Really nice papers to choose from as well.

I don't know how long you have until your interview but if you were to upload them tonight you should get them by tuesday.

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Get double the ammount printed in A4 locally?

Youv'e got a shed load of shots, so shows a much wider array of experiments that youv'e tryed out, and will all be good prints...

Mores got to be more inpressive?

Save the rest to disk and show it to them / leave it with them, like your diary idea.

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Should of probably have gotten it ready sooner. Like you say, internet prints would have been very cheap. You're going ot have to bite the bullit now due to time. I think A3 is too much for photography.

I know time isn't on your side, and for my Uni interview i did have an A3 portfolio but now i've finished my degree and i'm remaking my portfolio i'm producing it as a hard bound book - not massively big, just a good body of completed work layed out like nay coffee table art book. That would have been a nice idea for something to do if you did have the time. Maybe something to think about in the future. Try ad negotiate a price with a local printer, explain your a student - maybe get a slight reduction?

Although i must admit £120 for a small amount of sheets seems very steep. I've payed a hell of a lot less for full bleed A3 before at local printersw - maybe have a very quick shop around.

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Dave if you order today before 5pm i'm certain there are places who can guarantee to get them to you by tomorrow?

But to be honest unless they're really bad i wouldnt worry too much for the one interview (unless i guess it's your definate top choice or something). Is it a group interview? At my Notts interview the actual interviewer only flicked through it fairly briefly while talking to me for about 5 minutes, the rest was other people being interviewed looking at it cos you had to choose your favourite photos from other peoples portfolios etc.

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