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Scott Wilson-february 2009

Scotty Evil1

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Hey all

Eventually got round to buying a new camera, so been doing a lot of filming recently. Filmed in Ashford, Folkstone,Herne bay, Dymchurch,Hastings and Toad rocks. Riding the Onza limey 3 Prototype and Onza Ice.

Gone for a bit of a TGS style aggressive vid, started out as a laugh, but it grew on me!

Mostly Street on 26", but theres a few natural and 20" clips

Had a lot of fun making this video, hope you enjoy it :)


Scott Wilson February 2009- Vimeo

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Nice riding Scott, but a couple of things spoiled it a little for me. The aspect ratio was well out, which made it difficult to watch and made it look ameteur, the first tune was dreadful and the second one (very contrasting) was at the end of Manifesto, so I didn't really think that went well at all.

Riding was good, but i think you could have done a better job with the editing.


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Thank you very much for the replies guys, really appreciate them (Y)

Music-Ryan knows it haha. Started out as a bit of fun and a joke messing around with a few clips, but got to a certain point and thought i might aswell just stick with it! 2nd song, pretty much just picked at random.

Aspect ratio-Rich mentioned this the other day. I dont really know anything about it all, so thought i wont risk messing about with it, potentially screwing it all up, and left it. But ill make sure i sort it all out for my next videos :)

Spode we do man, let me know when your next out

Thanks again guys

Scott :)

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