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Snail Cams..

Gandalf the Yellow

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gone through 2 sets of snail cams and both sets is having the same problem (zhi ones and tryall ones), the teethed bit is getting munched on when i tighten my wheel and i can't push my cam to the next notch, unless i hammer it or something i don't know, some sort of brute force! but nothing is as annoying as not being able to move my cam and stop the chain from slapping, sooo off putting for me.

so should i try the smooth cams and see if it makes a difference? or maybe use a chain tug instead?..

someone needs to enlighten me to what i should use now :(


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I thought snailcams were meant to be set with the wheel loose, if the chain tension is set correctly then you shouldnt get any slap. If your chain has stretched so that the tightest you can get it is between notches and the next loosest is slapping then theres not alot you can do other than try smooth cams, fit a chainstay protector or get a new chain :)

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