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Embarrassing Can't Do's

mad max

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I have been riding for years now and never been able to side hop to-wards my back foot from rear wheel. :$

Managed to do two pallets last night, about fooooooking time.

What moves can't you do, but think you should. Come on be honest, there must be something :(

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Some days i go out on a session and just concentrate on the sh*t i can't do, it fooking well depresses me. But every now and then i get a glimmer of hope.

Its that feeling i get every now and then that keeps me doing this bizarre sport.

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Like a horizontal tap, sort of like a brakeless front to back :)

edit: 20 seconds = frenchie gap, 28 seconds frenchie sidehop


I sort of get you. I can picture it in my head.

I mean, I'd watch the videos, but college are a bit lax when it comes to getting the new flash player.

The new one, that was out months ago?

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pretty much any static move I suck at.

same ...

my personal :$ are fronthops and squeakers ...

Can't hook, for shit. Tried for SOOOO long, just can't ever get it.


come to bristol for a day - I will teach you on the hooking wall. Itll take like an hour....

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