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Anyone Drilled Monty 19" Rim?

Dan S

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Decided to make some bigger squares in my rim. I know it's kinda worthless and i know it but the main reason is to try and not to save weight.

so my question is, how much apr can i cut off(in gramms)? 40-50?

update. Its a pre-drilled rim

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If you mean this rim CLICKY I'd say its bloody light anyway.

Compared to most of the rims on tartys site, I think it may be the lightest.

The problem you may get in cutting (not drilling) the squares bigger is cracks on the corners of the squares. By the looks of it, theres a radius on each corner, instead of a 90 degree angle not 100% on that though. If you cut it, and don't have a rad there, it is a weak point and may crack.

Due to the already low weight of the rim and the shape of the holes I wouldn't advise removing any more material.

Its your choice at the end of the day though.

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this mite help you mate to show you the limits etc

it aint a monty rim but i cant see it being different from any other (Y)


I'm not sure what that is either, but you can't say that its no different from any other rim. Materials, thicknesses, design?

The monty is already a light rim, for all you know that could be a rim that orignally weighed in at 700g and may just about take what has been done to it (poor thing). We're talking about a 420gram rim, which is already bloody light.

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