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Rich Pearson Phase Video 2

Rich Pearson

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Title says it all really. Tried to get more 'lines' into this one as well as a fair bit of the regular stuff.

Trials-Forum Video -> Full ViewDownloadUpload

Filmed in at Wheal Kitty, Falmouth and Truro. Thanks as always go to Dan Pearce and Alex Dark for their tireless filming, and to MAD and all the teams supporting sponsors for all the help they have provided.

As always all comments welcome.

Enjoy :)


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nicely done man, better than the last vid i reckon...some classs stuff in there, those truro shots do look pretty good

Like that shot with you leaning on the bike before the drop we tried to film

wondered what you were doing sitting there when i got on the train....turns out it was your intro

definitely ride falmouth, and whealmill is it? after london though (Y)

Edited by Alex Dark
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I Love the way you try and keep your moves, as opposed to just on/offing them.

Down south it doesn't even remotely begin to count unles you stay on top of it

Anyone who hops onto, and then straight off a sidehop again and thinks it counts will be savagely ridiculed, and rightly so.

Dickie, I used to hate the fact that you became better than me, now I laugh because you're better than just about everybody :D

See you tonight, bring beer!

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I watch a lot of trials vids but this is the best ive seen in a long time. I like the fact that your style is almost 'demo' like rather than the usual TGS stuff ive become bored with recently. Fantastic vid, the ending is inspired. (Y)

I reckon his 1st vid this week was fairly on par too!

I agree on the demo comment though, clearly some inspiration comming through from a fair few MAD demos last year!

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