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Onza Blade


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Hi one and all, yes i know i change my bikes alot haha. Had a week off work last week, and must of popped my magura about 7-8 times, just was'nt working for me (N)

Been wanting one of these babys for a while now and finally got it,


Onza blade frame

zona forks

echo stem

blackspire bars

tensile headset

hope front and rear disc brakes

trialtech grips

try all cranks soon to be trial tech when i can be arsed putting them on. :P

tensile freewheel

onza pedals

onza wheels rear hope disc hub







Not had a good chance to ride it properly yet, only in the garage it feels really nice and stiff.

Comments would be great good or bad, your own opinion I won't be offended. :D

Thanks Ross. (Y)

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Hi every one.

The rear hub is Hope fixed disc hub, it's a prototype so they are not out yet (Y)

Yer onza have done really well this year with there sytle of frames etc...

I'm not sure how heavy these frames are sorry.

My mate Jack Carthy when he first got his and had all his parts on it, I remember picking it up and it hardly weighing anything. So I carnt imagine them weighing a great amount to be honest.

Thanks for replys guys

Ross. (Y)

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Looks real nice mate, i have a white onza rip which is pretty much exactly the same frame as that?

I'm thinking about buying a hope pro2 trials hub for the rear wheel next week.

What's your opinion, are they worth the money?


Hey buddy, yes they will be worth the money when they come out. Mine is a prototype and they was only a few made (correct me if im wrong).

thanks Joe@onza for details on frame.

Will post up how the bike rides when i get chance to, at this rate with work, it maybe at the trial at Shipley Glen on sunday.

Tar Ross. (Y)

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If its a prototype hub, how come you have it?

They also need to build that mod/bmx freehub... Like they already have, once.

Got it of a special friend, there not a lot of these hubs made, go on the Hope website and see if they stock them or put them into production yet.


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It shouldn't really need much testing...

Their axles are strong, it's just a shorter one.

Their bearings are strong, these will be the same anyway

The fixed bit.. this is the only significantly different bit..

I'm sure there's more to it, though.

You said it. (Y)

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