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Help Please!

Alex Dark

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Right, bit of a problem has cropped up...

Got an old "n" avid bb7 caliper with a 203 rotor, standard avid pads, sd7 lever ...was impressed when i got it, and considered changing to a 185 rotor because i thought the 203 was overkill

Now, 2 months on, the bite has just disappeared, along with all the hold :( . It won't even completely lock on 3ft gaps to front ( literally falling onto the front wheel, with a tiny kick ), so my conclusion is it must be contaminated... Ive got a brand new rotor to put on it, so that's fine, and some brand new pads, so that should sort it out...

However, im trying to rest at the moment and ive only got tomorrow to bed them in really, is this possible in one day? Would road be usage be more effective for this? How long brake dragging would be needed to bed these in? I've got a 3 mile ( half downhill ) ride to the nearest town, would this be enough to bed them in? Also, should i use water to help bed these in?

The setup isn't 100% i wouldn't say, although i blame this on the wonky angle the pads are worn at...although they were at this angle when they worked amazingly, so im going to assume this wasn't it....

Any ideas / tips / setup tips would all be appreciated :)

Thanks in advance, Alex

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First thing to try is spraying water on the caliper/disk and trying a few stops on it. This may fix it if the disk has dust/dirt contaminating it. If it bites well for a while and then goes back crappy there is probably oil on the disk/pads.

Clean the disk with washing up liquid and water or Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any oil. Clean the caliper too, to make sure grease/oil hasn't seeped from the caliper mechanism to the pads and disk. Fit new pads. Reassemble the whole lot, making sure everything is aligned correctly (For a BB7, since only one pad moves, set the caliper so the moving pad has to flex the disk sideways slightly before it hits the fixed pad for drag free running - (Since the BB7 has a fixed pad adjustment IIRC, this is most easily done by winding the fixed pad in a few clicks, pulling the lever with the caliper bolts loose and tightening the caliper in place with the brake on, then backing the fixed pad off again afterwards).

A few hard stops should get the new pads working right and hopefully that's it...

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That's the usual anyway. On a completely new disk it takes longer, but on a worn in disk with new pads the stopping should be pretty much full power almost instantly.

ideal (Y) thats good to hear, the new rotor has been used, so its basically just a really good condition one...

Right, hopefull yill have my epic brake back in time for london ride :)

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Nice one :D I just hope it works for you, usually this fixes most brakes anyway.

I should be making a guest appearance in London along with 'Tha Goat' for comedy and trials - we'll be the only two Irish guys...

well....it worked (Y) thanks for the help psycholist (Y)

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Try cleaning the pads and rotor. I use oven cleaner to do mine, or just chuck them in the dishwasher. Set it up so the pads are nice and flat, then ride around with the brake on slightly to heat it up. Chuck some cold water on there, repeat, and it should be good after that!

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