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Cleaning Foam Grips.


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I've been using trialstech foam grips for a while now but get the same problem as i do with gloves.

after a while they get full of all the sweat and dead skin making the grips really slippy.

gloves ain't a problem, just chuck them in the wash.

grips on the other hand don't seem to clean as well in the washer.

any one else got the sme prob?

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Hand wash them and let them completely dry out, make sure your bars are super clean too, then just use spray mount or something else that starts off quite slippy but dries and sticks,

or cut strips of double sided tape to the length of the grips, stick them around your bars, roll the grips up and put them on the end of the bars then just roll them back out.

Or just buy new grips obviously haha

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