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About The London Ride Today

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what a good day, not long got in the door. .! decided to call it a night when i nearly face planted a wall, sweet! I really want to see the pictures the chap in the yellow jacket was taking! The turn out was huge, didn't realise so many people would turn up. The one that happened a few years ago was about 1/10th of the size! Helped some lad out with a new tube, even though totally regret taking half my whole tool box with me, my back is killing!!

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I really enjoyed this ride and got to put a lot of faces to names and think jack deserves even more credit than hes allready getting for this,

However as this is a forum would like to share my view on this and dont want to sound like a nob but here i go anyway,

London isnt that good to ride,sure its got the space for 300+riders but we were only as a group like that in the first spot,

For travelling down from up north it was a good day for the fun of it and stuff but if i come back down this year it wont be to ride

London. :lol:

Would like to see a lot more of the riders i met up with though possibaly start rides like this up threw out the year but in better locations

Think its time for the riders to come up here aha

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LOVED IT. Amazing riders and saw some great stuff go down. Shame i had no front brake, maybe next time. Hope to see everyone on another awesome ride soon! :P

haha, so it was that got stuck between the two granite slabs in a wedge, and couldn't get out :P

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