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Round 1 - Bransgore - 08/03/09


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Hey guys,

Its the beginning of the season again!

First round is Bransgore this year rather than hut hill, we can only hope for good weather the way it goes up and down at the moment.

If you havent sent off your entry forms post them tomorrow at latest, if u fail that fill one out and bring it on the day.

Hope to see the usual faces and some new ones.


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Hi Mowgli.

Im in. I can't wait.

If anyone is reading this and you think you fit in the south uk catergory as a rider you might be interested in having a go. Visit www.hbtclub.co.uk

There is a A.C.U form that you can print off and fill in. Send it off and you have a license and that is it. Your ready to enter comps.

If your keen for the bransgore round this month be quick and check if you can get in for the next comp 02380 643 503. Thats Terry Graves who is the main person. Also Mowgli is sending out email to hampshire bike trials riders who he has in contact already so any question post them here in this topic and i bet he will get back to very quickly.

Try a comp and see how much more powerful your street riding gets. Prime examples James Porter, Dave Marshall, oh and if you dont like it at least you had a taste of what it was like. Im so glad I have tryed and i bet there are other riders who would back that up.

Im off im going to do some practise see if i can get a good result.

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Im there as always =]

I'm in, taking Martin down with me. Finally have a bike again!

please say your doing red this year ross :)

what happened to your bike?


White, blue, red and both 20" and 26" go head to head

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Yup, me and Andrei are heading up, should hopefully be a good day, always enjoy Bransgore :)


Yes this is looking interesting. Weather dry im running my street tyres Weather bit lame im running my new tyres.

are you bringing Burton?

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sadly it wont be a surprise for terry as he will have had to process entry forms and acu licenses. lol.

sadly bbc is saying heavy rain for the poole area couldn't get as accurate as bransgore. So only time will tell but the ground will probably be wet whatever. :(

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