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Next Step In Bikes..?


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Well I unfortunately have a Shogun Gimp =[ at the moment, but im looking for a new upgrade, nothing pricey but decent.

Is there any bikes you'd reccomend?

I was thinking of maybe one of the new onzas, maybe the rip or the bird?

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Definately get second hand, you can buy one of the news Onzas for about £500 or you can buy a second bike with an amazing spec for that. I bought my Kot MS2 for £600 and it had hardly been ridden, same with my Echo Lite which I'm selling again, I've upgraded a lot on it since i bought it though.


Just as an example of what you can get! If you've only got £300 or £400 then there will always be a better bike second hand you can find.

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Hey, if i were you i would try an look for a secondhand one because there are some good ones for the price of a bird or rip.

If you are picking out of the rip or bird i would go for the bird because it has a 19" rear wheel an the rip has a 20".

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