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Haven't The Foggiest About Stock


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Just a few questions really:

You'll need a mech hanger for an 07 Control, for an 07 Control....

And 160's *should* be ok, it's all personal preference, I was running 175's but I'm quite tall and prefer more leverage on the cranks.

And the gearings a personal thing again, try it out and raise and lower the sprocket size to get the right amount of speed and acceleration needed.

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What mech hanger do I need for an 07 control? Don't know sorry

What gear ratio should I be running (I have an 18t surly on the front)? 18:15 or 18:16 (probably 18:16 if you want small cranks)

Will my 160mm cranks be ok on stock? It's down to preference, if that's what you find comfortable it will be fine

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If youre using 160mm cranks then I would recommend 22/19, 18/16 or 16/14 for your ratio on stock; 18/15 is recommended on 175 cranks. Personally I run 16/14 and it feels just about perfect with 165mm middleburns :)

22/19 and 16/14 both give 1.14:1 ratio, whereas 18/16 give 1.125:1 which is alittle lighter. If 22/19 or 16/14 is too light but 18/15 is too heavy then try 20/17 as this will be just about inbetween the two.

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Its a k hanger you need

i would recomend 175 cranks ideally

and 18:15

But buying new cranks is an expense when you already have some :D

18/16 would be my choice in your position, personally I find it a touch light with 165 cranks so with 160s it might be ok, possibly alittle hard though.

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for the record, i think tahts ab 06 control frame

Look on tarty/email tarty for the correct mech hanger

160's should be fine, although a lighter gear-ratio would be preferable with these

typically 18:16 or 18:15, although with shorter cranks i'd go with 18:16

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