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Clarks 6 Pot


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Hi all

I took the pads out of my 6 pot to check the pistons but ony 3 out of 6 work. The others are siezed. I split the caliper and blew compressed air through but its hard, because 3 pistons pop out leving the siezed ones in. Another problem with blowing them through is there is 2 cross over holes and its hard to block the second hole. Any help guys?


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i would bleed the brake enough so you can get one side of the caliper moving, then use something to hold the moving calipers (spanner etc) then pull the leaver till you get a bit of movement. Then just drop a small amount of dot 4/5.1 fluid around the pistons to try and free them up abit. Only thing you can do really, then if you manage to get the pistons out, use some brake cleaner or some of the wynns fuel injector cleaner to get all the dirt and muck out and re bleed the system again !!

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