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Avid Juicy 7 Issues - Something Not Quite Right


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having some issues with an avid juicy 7 - the lever keeps coming to the bar

ive bleed it with fresh oil and it makes no difference it keeps coming back

it seems like the lever seal has gone

theres a video on photobucket showing the issues im having:


the brake works but now quite as it should

any ideas on a solution as im stuck

thinking a lever seal kit of chainreaction


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I've seen the lever seals get draggy in weeks on 3 sets of brand new Juicy 3 brakes, so Avid lever seals may not be quite right (They still don't leak though). From the video it looks like the front seal on the lever piston is leaking. The piston has 2 seals, the first to apply pressure to the fluid so the brake works, the second to stop the fluid leaking out of the reservoir when the first seal has passed the reservoir outlet as the lever is pulled. If there's no leak to the outside the back seal is still fine. My advice is to replace with Shimano or Magura and never have to worry about crappy seals again... :P

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Have a look at step 31 in this manual: http://www.cycleslambert.com/download.php/...yTechManual.pdf

The cup shaped seal shown in the picture is likely to be the one that's leaking on you (Assuming there's no evidence of fluid leaking out of the brake). Check to make sure the reservoir is completely filled with fluid too though that creates a slightly different behaviour where the bite point of the brake changes each time you pull the lever rather than a consistent initial bite point which moves in as the lever remains pulled...

This probably contains the correct seal, but will have a bunch of other stuff you probably don't need: http://www.ukbikestore.co.uk/Product/0/a11...servicekit.html

If the brake is within warranty send it to the shop you bought it from and get them to sort it.

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This what happened to my Avid Juicy 5 on mountain bike, What it was is i freshly bled it and the same thing happened, So i did bled it again put the wheel in and in side the lever there that allen key screw that you need to screw in as mush as you want it, And it worked for me.

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